123\PowerSwitch 48V 120A

The 123\PowerSwitch is a highly efficient, bidirectional, isolated solid state relay which consumes as little as 0.8mA when turned on. This ensures that you can switch very high power with very little.


  • Bidirectional: can switch currents flowing to and from the battery.
  • Extremely power efficient, consumes 0.8mA when turned on, much less than a normal solid state relay
  • Solid state: no arcs or sparks so safe in dangerous environments with explosive materials
  • Isolated control signal
  • High noise immunity. Can be used in industrial environments.
  • Powerfail safe. If the power falls away, the relay turns off
  • Integrated temperature sensor. If the unit is overloaded and gets too hot, it will switch off until the temperature is lower.
  • Able to switch 120A continuously and 200A peak for 1 minute @ 48V (62V max).
  • Simple interfacing, behaves like a normal relay.

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