123\SmartBMS gen3 firmware update: v3.2.10

This update contains small improvements.Changes include: -Increased critical error timeout to 7 seconds-Improved SoC determination at high currents-Smaller deadband for dual range current sensors to be able to measure smaller currents You can update the firmware when you are connected to the 123\SmartBMS gen3 and have internet access. Go to Settings->Firmware and tap on Update.

123\SmartBMS Venus v1.3 update

We just released the latest stable of the 123\SmartBMS Venus software.New since v0.9 (previous stable on our website):-Active BMS control (DVCC)-123\SmartBMS Manager which is always visible when installed You can find the latest software and installation instructions here. 123\SmartBMS Manager The new 123\SmartBMS Manager takes all values from all connected 123\SmartBMS USB cables and combines…