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123\SmartBMS gen3

A modular BMS to keep your lithium batteries in perfect condition, increasing the lifespan of the battery pack. Easily connect your phone with the BMS to see relevant information about the energy consumed, energy stored, in- and outgoing current, cell voltages and temperatures.


Special features

  • Very accurate dual range current sensor.
  • Configuration and monitoring via Bluetooth possible.
  • Direct on-cell voltage and temperature measurement.
  • Advanced Victron GX integration.
  • Separate low temperature cutoff for charge and discharge.
  • Battery health calculation
  • SoC based on real battery capacity
  • Multistageā„¢ SoC correction based on cell voltage
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48V 120A

Switch all your power with this highly efficient, bidirectional solid state relay. The extremely power efficient design ensures very long operation times even on very small battery capacities. Switch high powers with extremely little!


Special features

  • Bidirectional currents possible – also works with combined charger/inverters.
  • 200A current for at least 1 minute.
  • Solid state, no arcs during switching.
  • 0.8mA current consumption when turned on – much more efficient than any other power relay or solid state relay in it’s category.
  • Over temperature cutoff integrated to protect the unit and against long overcurrents.
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12V/24V 120A/100A

Switch all your power or signals with this easy to use, dual relay. The extremely power efficient design ensures very long operation times even on very small battery capacities.
Two smart relays in one package.


Special features

  • Two power relays in one package.
  • 0.5mA current consumption enables it to operate on any battery, for a very long time, even if the battery is almost empty.
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123\SmartBMS gen3 release candidate firmware: v3.3.2

A new 123\SmartBMS gen3 release candidate firmware is available. This update contains a bugfix for the cell voltage based SoC correction.For all new features in v3.3, see 123\SmartBMS gen3 release candidate firmware: v3.3 All changes for v3.3 The firmware contains the following changes from v3.3.0: Changes in v3.3.2 -Fixed voltage based SoC correction bug Changes…

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App update: v3.6

The new 123\SmartBMS app v3.6 is out for Android and iOS! The new version adds new features and support for upcoming firmware.For explanation of the new functions and settings, see Using the app. New features Dashboard The information next to the solar panel and light bulb image display info about current sensor 1 (charging sources)…

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